SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2

SKU: SH-220
  • $265.00

Say hello to the new and improved SpiderPro Dual Camera System v2, the pro photographer’s solution for holstering two cameras at your hip! Also included is our brand new Lens Collar Plate, optimized to comfortably carry your long lenses.

Includes:  x2 Pro Plates, x1 Lens Collar Plate, and
Single Camera System w/ 1-to-2 Camera Upgrade Kit


 Holster TWO professional DSLR cameras at your hip!

 Accommodates waist sizes 27″-50″ (extensions are available)

 Belt latch has 3 point release for extra security.

 Unique Self-Locking Design allows safe carry with ease of use.

 Quick-Draw one handed operation!

 Pro₂ Plate has built-in threaded holes that fit any tripod plate.

 Rugged construction can safely carry and operate your heavier DSLR camera and gear.