Seminal Fluid Presumptive Field Test

Seminal Fluid Presumptive Field Test

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When searching scenes or collecting evidence, it is often helpful to perform a presumptive test for the presence of semen upon those stains that fluoresce under UV light.

Prostatic Acid Phosphatase is an enzyme produced in the prostate gland of males and is found in semen in a much higher level than any other body fluid.

The Presumptive Field Test for Seminal Fluid is very easy to perform. All the reagents are sealed in glass crush ampoules and then packaged in a disposable applicator.

To perform the test, first transfer part of the suspected stain to the provided transfer paper with sterile water contained in the first vial, then squeeze the second applicator to crush the glass ampoule inside. Shake the applicator for a few seconds to ensure complete mixing of the components, remove the applicator cap, and gently squeeze the applicator to apply the reagents to the transferred stain.

A positive result for the presumptive presence of acid phosphatase (semen) is indicated by a deep purple color.