TMP Presumtive Test for Seminal Fluid

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The TMP (thymophthalein monophosphate) Presumptive Test for Seminal Fluid was designed to provide a convenient and reliable laboratory test for the presumptive presence of Acid Phosphatase.

Although the TMP Test is more sensitive to the presence of Acid Phosphatase than other presumptive tests, it is much more temperature sensitive and has a very short shelf-life if stored above room temperature. It is, therefore, not recommended as a field test.

The TMP Test is very easy to perform. All the reagents are contained in dropper bottles. To perform the test, first transfer part of the suspected stain to the provided transfer paper or to a cotton tipped swab with sterile water. Add a drop or two of the TMP Reagent to the transferred stain and allow to react for 1-3 minutes. Next add a drop or two of the Color Developer Reagent to the transferred stain.

A positive result for the presumptive presence of acid phosphatase (semen) is indicated by a blue color.


This kit contains reagents to perform in excess of 100 tests.

***Refills are 1.5 oz.