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Better than a sprayer, more than an aerosol ECOSPRAYECOSPRAY is a small fully self-contained micro-sprayer with a disposable gas pressure reservoir that applicates fluids with a perfect mist quality (fineness, even coating and distribution of particles). Its performance with BLUESTAR FORENSIC MAGNUM is outstanding. Easy to use Simply attach the disposable pressure reservoir to the ECOSPRAY body unit, fill and attach the liquid container with BLUESTAR solution. Press the button to spray BLUESTAR in a uniform mist. ECOSPRAY can be tilted down at a 45° angle or even more without losing performance, a true advantage when it comes to spraying horizontal objects or surfaces. Hazard free - Environmentally safe Non-flammable, non-explosible, non-toxic, odorless gas - Preserves the ozone layer. How does it work ? ECOSPRAY works like a gun paint sprayer.

The BLUESTAR solution is sucked up from the container and is sprayed by the gas propellant in vapor phase. The performance of the metal jet nozzle is far superior to what you might obtain with a hand pump sprayer or a common aerosol, as you can see below: Ecospray Test Hand pump sprayer test Notice the difference in size and distribution between the Ecospray (left) and an ordinary hand pump sprayer (above). These tests were carried out in the exact same conditions (same fluid, same distance, same kind of surface). When do you need an ECOSPRAY ? The exact bloodstain pattern is of acute importance for analysts. It provides a better understanding of what happened at a crime scene. In some cases, the crime scene investigator might have to reveal bloodstains on non-porous surfaces, such as acrylic paint, ceramic, glass, marble, etc. Because BLUESTAR FORENSIC is dissolved in water, spraying the reagent on such surfaces, especially vertical ones, will cause drippings, thus irreversibly distorting the initial bloodstain pattern. This is prejudicial to subsequent blood pattern analysis. To solve this problem, it is necessary to spray the smallest mist of the reagent possible on such surfaces. It is almost impossible to spray such a fine mist using a common pump sprayer.

ECOSPRAY diffuses BLUESTAR in such a fine mist that the risk of drippings or spreading the blood trace is minimized. With a little training, the bloodstain will not drip or run. ECOSPRAY - BLUESTAR MAGNUM : the ideal combination With a lesser quantity of reagent sprayed and coming into contact with blood, the reaction will be less luminous than with a common pump sprayer. To ensure a strong luminescence and good quality pictures, it is therefore recommended to use the ECOSPRAY in conjunction with BLUESTAR FORENSIC MAGNUM, which produces a more intense and longer-lasting reaction than the regular BLUESTAR. Results are then optimum.

Specifications Ecospray L x l x H : 105 x 50 x 130 mm Weight (empty) : 190 grams Lifetime guarantee Container in crystal PETG + white PP screw cap Maximum capacity 125 ml / 4 oz Gas reservoir: Aluminum solid cast Resists internal pressure up to 18 bars Propels 440 ml / 15 oz Flow according to nozzle NOZZLE FLOW Diam. 0,50 mm 0,27 ml/s Diam. 0,70 mm 0,45 ml/s Diam. 0,90 mm 0,75 ml/s