Firearms Serial Number Restoration Kit

Firearms Serial Number Restoration Kit

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The Firearms Serial Number Restoration Kit is designed to provide the proper materials to assist investigators in recovering obliterated serial numbers or other markings on firearms and other metallic weapons.

When a serial number is stamped into a metal surface, the underlying metal grains are compressed and deformed deeper than the impressed number or mark. This difference in the metal crystal grains causes them to react differently to chemical etching and can, in many cases, allow them to be recovered.

The reagents in this kit are patterned after ATF recommendations as taught at the Serial Number Restoration Training Course at the National Firearms Examiner Academy.

The kit also includes

  • instructions
  • acid neutralizer
  • wet or dry polishing paper
  • fine file
  • gloves
  • safety glasses
  • cotton tipped applicators
  • dropping pipettes
  • protective oil
  • clay dam material


Packaged in a sturdy plastic carry case with fitted foam liner.

2 oz. replacements available.