LifeStar EC Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves

LifeStar EC Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves

SKU: LSE-104-L
  • $229.00

Designed specifically for the emergency medical professional Like a good partner, Microflex® LifeStar™ EC is trustworthy. And, its designed specifically for EMS professionals, so, when duty calls, you can trust that Microflex® LifeStar™ EC will stand up to any emergency you’re rushing into.

You and your partner can rely on its durability and industry leading quality to enable you to safely and accurately administer critical patient care.

  • Double Dipped, Dual Color helps identify if glove has been compromised. Bright blue interior makes breaches more detectable and white exterior makes fluid and blood contact with glove more visible.
  • Microflex brand by Ansell offers high quality standards backed by ISO 13485 certification and meets or exceeds NFPA standards delivering piece of mind
  • Extraordinary Quality featuring the signature blue advanced nitrile polymer used in Microflex Supreno® EC, delivering strength and uncompromising comfort. The industry’s best quality and fewer defects ensures an extraordinary level of protection (AQL 0.65)
  • Exceptional comfort and tactility enables users to complete tasks with ease, while reducing risk.
  • Textured Fingers for added grip, Extended cuff for more protection.
  • Non-stick formulation eliminates sticking to or fumbling with adhesives and tape
  • Innovative pH controlled manufacturing process delivers a more natural and healthy pH level that’s more gentle on a user’s skin


1000/ case

*3XL contains 900/case