Wound Photo Guide

SKU: CR100-100
  • $175.00

Wound Photo Guides have color-coded adhesive rings or ellipses that can be used to document wounds. Each sheet is an all encompassing tool to aid with the photo documentation of wounds.

The 360 degree scaling addresses the curvature of the body to keep wounds in perspective and provides universal scaling with area, perimeter, length and width scales.

Each sheet comes with 10, 25, 50 and 100 sq. cm. rings or ellipses, 4 linear scales to support length and width of the wound in the photograph, note label, alignment stick figure and body location tabs. Two blank tabs are provided so you can write your own body locations.

Adhesive is latex free and skin friendly. They are single use and should be disposed of after use. On the edge of the sheet, a centimeter ruler is provided to measure the wound. A color-coded scale of the ring's inner diameter is provided to assist with ring selection.