Disposable Lab Coats

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Low linting lab coat for use in critical and low particulate clean environments. High filtration fabric holds out 98.8% of particles at 3 microns, and also provides excellent splash protection from non-hazardous fluids. Features include a snap front, knit wrists, knit collar, and three pockets.


Physical Properties:

Fabric is constructed from a three layer spun-bonded material that contains a microscopic filtration layer. Individually inspected for sizing, stitching and workmanship.


ISO Cleanroom Class:      6  per Helmke Drum Testing            IEST-RP-CC003.3

Sizes:                                    Small through 9X-Large

Material Weight:               60gm/m2


Test Results:

Grab Strength:                    MD: 18 lbs,    XD: 14lbs                      ASTM D751

Ball Burst:                            20.3 lbs                                                 ASTM D3787

Puncture/Tear:                    MD: 4.2 lbs,  XD: 5.3lbs                      ASTM D2582

Hydrohead:                         121"                                                       AATC 127-1998

Breathability:                       5000 g/m2, 90F & 50%RH                 ASTM E96-80

Flammability:                       Class 1                                                 CPSC 1610



Sky blue garment with white knit wrists and collar.



Neatly folded and cleanroom packed - 10 pieces per sealed inner polybag, 3 polybags per sealed master bag, 30 pieces per case



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