Carson LumiLoupe Ultra 5x Lighted Magnifier

SKU: LL-88
  • $20.00

The LumiLoupe Ultra 5x Lighted Magnifier is a fantastic new product from Carson Optical. It is excellent for reading fine print. Three high quality optical lenses are stacked together to produce a very sharp 5x power magnified image. It also features 6 super bright LED lights and an easy on/off switch. The brightness can be adjusted to three different levels. The LumiLoupe Ultra is well designed and easy to use. Just turn on the light, look down into the lens and slide the magnifier along as needed. It is designed to rest on top of what you are looking at, so there is no need to hold it in your hand. If you do want to hold it, it is relatively lightweight, weighing just 7 ounces without batteries. Required 3 AAA batteries (not included).

Magnification: 5x
Viewing Area: 2.6" diameter (approx.)