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One of the newest and most successful Ninhydrin analogs to be recently developed. An extremely effective amino acid sensitive reagent reported to develop 46% more latents than DFO. Developed prints may be enhanced with Zinc Chloride/HFE-7100 Spray and visualized under green ALS light (525nm) with dark orange or red filtration.

Premeasured:  Indanedione and HFE-7100 liquids are combined in this premeasured 125ml bottle. 

1 Gram

1,2-Indanedione is the result of the search for a low cost substitute for DFO. Like DFO and ninhydrin,  Developed prints do produce strong fluorescence when exposed to alternate light source illumination. 1,2-Indanedione is not recommended for use on poor quality papers such as newsprint, cardboard and recycled writing papers.