Baton Traffic Flare

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  • $169.00

These multi-functional flares are made of the same durable materials as the road flares and can be used as road flares or held in the hand to direct vehicles, aircraft, or pedestrians. Each baton has a flashlight that operates independently of the flash patterns. Available in a single unit or a 3-pack recharging case.

Each baton has 5 flash patterns:

  1. rotate
  2. quad flash
  3. alternating blinks
  4. S.O.S. (Morse Code)
  5. steady on--high


The 3-pack recharging case includes:

  • 3 baton traffic flares
  • 120V wall charger
  • 12V car charger
  • 2 flex-fit tripods


Each baton features:

  • one ½ watt white LED flashlight
  • 14 signal LEDs visible up to a ½ mile
  • built-in magnet.