Bluestar Forensic Kit

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Bluestar Forensic Kit: 500mL Chemiluminescent solution  1404

Bluestar is an extremely sensitive presumptive field test for blood which offers several advantages over a classic luminol mixture: the luminescence intensity is higher, it lasts longer, and it does not necessitate total darkness to be visible. Treatment with Bluestar does not prevent reliable DNA typing (high frequency). For more information and pictures, go to The BLUESTAR® FORENSIC KIT provides the crime scene investigator with a complete tool to ascertain the presence of blood, or its possible absence. Ready-to-use : just add the three white tablets to the bottle to obtain a single-use mixture Sealed by a safety band Kit contents Hermetically sealed bottle with 500 ml (16 oz) reagent, with safety band 3 catalyst tablets 1 fine mist atomizer How to prepare the kit Simply dissolve 3 BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets of catalyst in the lightening solution of the bottle and spray on any surface.

The Bluestar® Forensic Mini Kit  1410

is meant primarily for police searching small areas or objects for a quick verification when suspecting a crime has happened. Instantly ready : just add a pair of tablets to one of the spray bottles of distilled water More economical and practical for quick or limited investigations before the intervention of crime scene specialists. The MINI KIT provides two bottles for two independent investigations Kit content 2 bottles with 125 ml (4 oz) distilled water and fine mist atomizer 2 pairs of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets How to prepare the solution Simply dissolve 1 pair of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC tablets in one of the bottles and spray on any surface.


Bluestar Forensic Medium Kit  1423

Bluestar Forensic Medium Kit: 2 x 250mL Chemiluminescent solution, tablets, one trigger spray head