Bluestar Forensic Training

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This version of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC is intended only for training purposes. It has the same packaging and amount of tablets than the BLUESTAR® FORENSIC TABLETS but it is cheaper so as to cut back training expenses. It will react in the same way as regular BLUESTAR® FORENSIC TABLETS do, except for DNA analysis since the "TRAINING" version destroys DNA. Therefore, it is a great product for training crime scene technicians but is definitely not usable for real investigations.

4 pairs of individually packed tablets Each pack provides the instructor with the possibility to prepare 4 times 125 ml (4 oz) of BLUESTAR® FORENSIC working solution or 500 ml (16 oz) at once.

Pack content:

4 pairs of individually and hermetically sealed tablets.  Each pair holds one beige tablet (the reagent) and one white tablet (catalyst).


How to prepare the solution:

To prepare the working solution, you will need to dissolve a pair of tablets (white + beige) in 125 ml (4 oz) of tap water in a bottle equipped with a fine mist atomizer. If you need more reagent, use several pairs of tablets at once..