Bullet Hole Scales - 10 sq cm elliptical

Bullet Hole Scales - 10 sq cm elliptical

SKU: ER10N-100
  • $200.00

The KISS System scales bullet holes and ricochets to reconstruct the crime scene and create a professional presentation to the jury. They allow you to more easily see the bullet strikes from the shooters perspective.

Provides better visualization on the individual holes or the entire pattern. They will speed up your assessment. With multiple scales on a sheet the KISS System is very cost effective in even the most intense shooting scenes.


  • Overall Size 18.7x23.2cm
  • The area within each scale is 10 sq. cm.
  • The ER10N has a 2cm and 4 cm scale on the side of the scale
  • 8 scales per sheet

On the edge of the sheet a centimeter ruler is provided to measure the observation. The are a single use scale with a mild skin friendly adhesive. A fine tip permanent marker works best to document on the note tab attached to the scale.