BVDA Instant Lifters, Black, 4x4

SKU: B23212
  • $14.00

The BVDA Instant Lifter consists of a transparent adhesive film (with a protective cover) adhered to a black, white, or transparent backing.

The adhesive film has a special low tack adhesive. The protective cover is die-cut, for easy removal. To the adhesive film, a backing sheet is attached. This black, white, or transparent backing can be easily be applied to the adhesive film, after lifting of the powdered fingerprint(s). To avoid the inclusion of air bubbles, a roller can be used.

On the front of the Instant Lifter, the text "viewing side" is visible. Therefore, with the transparent backing, there is no doubt which side is the front of the lifter.

At the bottom of the backing sheet, there is a paper strip on which notes like date and case number can be written.

Several dimensions are available: 2" x 2", 2" x 4", and 4" x 4". They are all packed 12 to a box.

***Limited Stock***