Continuous Vertical Tape, Fractional

Continuous Vertical Tape, Fractional

SKU: ORC-9848
  • $20.00

This tape reads Vertical Up, meaning the numbers read starting from the bottom and going to the top. This effectively makes the tape an inexpensive staff gauge for tanks or a floor tape you can easily read from any direction.

At a crime scene, this tool is invaluable since an investigator will often need to measure various sizes of things, many of which will be larger than the standard rulers they will be carrying to a site.

This item is a continuous roll tape that repeats its graphics every 12”. At every foot of length is an open box, which is used to write in the foot measurements for whatever length of rule you need to use from the tape.

There are 105 repeats per roll, so you could effectively have a single 100-foot plus tape if you needed to.

The increments on this tape measure in inches with 1/4” graduations.

Unlike the other continuous roll tapes, this one is printed attached to a paper liner. Much like an adhesive decal, simply peel the rule from the liner to expose the sticky backing. This can be useful for when you need a quick measuring solution, but do not want to immediately apply the rule onto a surface. The adhesive is high tack, but removable, and will not cause surface degradation or leave a surface residue.

Safely apply these to skin, glass, painted surfaces, hair, rugs, or plastics, nearly anything. On each edge of the rule is a specially designed Optirectilinear® graphics. These are the patterns of black rectangles you see on many of our rulers, which allows the user to read measurements from a greater distance and stand out in photos. Glare resistant materials and the bold black print on yellow background also help to enhance readability in photos.


  • Yellow
  • 1.5" Wide
  • 12" long rule repeats 105 times
  • Non Permanent Adhesive