CSIpix® Matcher

CSIpix® Matcher

  • $849.00

Matcher is a powerful tool that adds automated minutia pattern searching to our Comparator software. Perform in-depth, automated searches between a latent print and a known palmprint, fingerprint or even a full tenprint. It’s especially effective for searching known palms. The Matcher assists examiners by highlighting regions on the known tenprint or palm that match the latent minutia pattern. The latent print is also rotated appropriately so it lines up with the matching region of the known print.

Latent search features:

  • Exhaustive search
  • Search with as few as four minutia points
  • Ideal for palms
  • 360 degree search or restrict angles
  • Rotates latent appropriately
  • Matches are highlighted distinctly
  • Automated minutia detection
  • Save minutia data

The Matcher program is offered as an annual subscription.  The program will time out after 1 year if the subscription is not renewed.