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DFO is a Ninhydrin analog which also responds to amino acids in prints and is used to develop latent prints on paper with better results than Ninhydrin processing alone. We offer the traditional formulation as well as the new non-flammable Novec HFE-7100 based formulation. A laser or forensic light source (green, 525nm) will cause latent prints developed with DFO to show fluorescence.


DFO is a ninhydrin analog used for developing latent prints on porous surfaces. Its fluorochrome properties make it especially useful on multicolored surfaces where the background would interfere with subsequent photography. DFO reacts with the amino acid content of fingerprint residue, and it will not interfere with subsequent analysis using ninhydrin, silver nitrate or physical developer. In fact, some labs report that DFO use improves the results gained with ninhydrin.

According to the “Manual of Fingerprint Development Techniques” published by the Police Scientific Development Branch of the British Home Office, DFO will develop more fingerprints than ninhydrin. Testing in the U.S. indicates that DFO will develop 2 1/2 times as many prints as ninhydrin. Other testing indicates that DFO is also effective for developing latent blood prints.

On occasion, DFO will produce lightly colored (pink) latent prints, but its real strength is in its fluorescent properties.