Downflow Work Station, 36" wide (DWS)

  • $2,395.00

The DWS Workstation has been specifically designed to provide a small bench mounted unit with unrestricted access for those operations that are difficult to perform in a conventional fume hood. To provide protection, the downflow action takes the contaminated air away from the operator and an alarm will activate when the airflow falls to an unacceptable level. The stainless steel tray is removable for easy cleaning and provides access to the pre-filter. A spillage tray is located below the work surface. Integral lighting gives good illumination of the desired area. All mechanisms in the head section are on the clean side of the filter with the switches and electrical components being isolated from any contamination. The main filter can be chosen from 14 different types of carbon which include specialty media for vapors of organics, solvents, acids, mercury and formaldehyde. HEPA filters for particulate filtration are also available. Two year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor.

Price includes a pre-filter for powders/dust/aerosol.

You will need to purchase one of the following main filters:
GP Main Filter #AST8-001 for solvents,ninhydrin and cyanoacrylate.
HEPA Full Size Main Filter #AST8-030 for powders or
GP/HEPA Combination Filter #AST8-200 for vapors and powders.