Firearms Residue Detection Kit (Lead)

Firearms Residue Detection Kit (Lead)

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The ability to study and measure the spread and distribution of firearms discharge particles on the clothing of a victim or upon an object can be a useful tool in determining the distance and angle of firearms discharge.

Although the traditional methods of examining visible particles and scorching or tattooing are useful, smaller particles and condensed gases are generally not observable.

A chemical method of detection and enhancement allows these particles and condensed lead gases to turn a pink color then a blue color for more accurate determinations. This method can also be utilized to determine if a suspicious hole in an object is in fact a bullet hole. In this case, the lead wipe commonly present around a bullet hole will be visualized as a blue color.

The Firearms Residue Detection Kit (Lead) consists of all the reagents required to perform these enhancement procedures. Eight sets of premeasured reagents contained in spray bottles and complete directions are packaged in a sturdy plastic carrying case with fitted foam liner.

Shelf life: approximately 2 hours once mixed.