Fluorescent Thief Detection Kit

SKU: 7110
  • $23.95

This kit was designed to provide the materials required to identify the thief with a powder or paste that will fluoresce under ultraviolet light. The powder is lightly applied with a soft brush to surfaces the thief may touch. The paste is supplied in a tube and is applied in a line or dot pattern to surfaces that may not retain powder or are exposed to the elements. The thief will be unaware he has been marked. Later, you can check the hands of people you suspect with an ultraviolet light. The powder or paste will fluoresce a bright blue-white color. This kit contains a jar of Fluorescent Thief Detection Powder, a powder applicator brush, a tube of Fluorescent Thief Detection Paste, and applicator swabs. Packaged in a sturdy fitted-foam plastic box.