Forensic Blue Swabs

Forensic Blue Swabs

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Forensic Blue Swabs are individually packaged, single-dose applicators. This convenient method houses O-Toluidine Blue Dye used to aid in the identification of abrasion injury.  The Forensic Blue Swabs consist of a soft foam tipped swab that contains 1% Toluidine Blue Dye Aqueous Solution.

Unscrew the swab from the container and the foam tipped swab is pre-soaked and ready for your application. It is a benign solution that is used to enhance the visualization of micro-trauma in the vaginal area so it can be photographed for forensic evidence collection purposes.

• Foam swab soaked in o-toluidine blue dye
• The perfect amount of dye soaked into the swab, not overly saturated
• Less mess than previous product with self-contained swab storage
• Blue dye is now contained in a fully enclosed tubing
• Angled containment tube keeps blue dye near swab when placing on flat surface
• Squared tube end to keep from rolling
• One time use

12 month shelf life