Roll Tape - Fractional or Metric

  • $18.50

Comes on a self wound roll, no linear required. Rip or cut off and press into place. A full length roll provides pocket size carrying. Each has a square write in box @ each zero. All come on 1” DIA cores.

The adhesive is of “Painters Mask” quality permitting good adhesion but still able to be removed without causing surface degradation. Base material is coated to minimize liquid absorption and UV fading.


  • 1.0 The “FERT” / 2.0 "MERT"
  • 36”/1M long by 3⁄4 ” wide rule
  • continuous inches OR centimeters
  • 1/8” OR 2mm graduations
  • 35 repeating sections (fractional) / 32 repeating sections (Metric) - 105 feet/32 Meters overall length
  • A 5/16th / 8mm square box is located at the zero of each section.
  • Fractional comes in yellow, Metric in White