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Though similar in design to traditional fuming wands, the Fume-A-Wand has several features that set it apart. Designed with a re-usable fuming cartridge with cover that houses cyano-impregnated pellets, the Fume-A-Wand can accommodate one pellet or two pellets for additional fuming time. The wand features a safety ignition switch, heat output intensity control level, shut-off “kill” button, built-in wire stand, ceramic window for viewing heat intensity, and an aluminum heat resistant tool to open the cartridge cover handle. The shut-off “kill” button allows user to stop the fuming process at any time.

 Fume-A-Wand Kit contains a Fume-A-Wand, fuming cartridge with cover, 10 cyano-impregnated pellets, aluminum heat resistant tool, and fuel canister.

Wand Only

Pellets 10 pellets. 3-4 minutes fuming.


Butane Fuel  3.8 oz. each,  case of 72