SKU: FF-600-1010
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Lightweight orange goggles with streamline wraparound design. Anti-fog and color and tint specific; fit over prescription glasses. Used in conjunction with forensic alternate light sources and little ambient light to visualize evidence. Designed for use in the lab or field with 380 nm (UV), 395 nm (UV), 450 nm (blue), 470 nm (blue), 495 nm (cyan) and/or 525 nm (green) ALSs. Features Orange Tint Anti-Fog Air Circulation Slots UV 400 - 100% UV protection ANSI Z87.1 Durability Impact Resistant

Physical Characteristics Weight: 1.4 oz (39.7 g) Dimensions: Width: 6.3" (16.8 cm) Height: 2.4" (6.1 cm) Polycarbonate