Iodine Print Enhancement Disposable Applicators

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Iodine Fuming is one of the traditional development methods which is generally used on porous materials such as paper and cardboard and is generally applied before Ninhydrin or Silver Nitrate processing. An Iodine Print Enhancer is available packaged in convenient disposable applicators. The Disposable Iodine Fuming Applicator consists of a flexible plastic applicator containing a breakable glass vial of premeasured iodine crystals, drying agents, and easy flow-through filters. The applicator is easy and convenient to use in the laboratory and at scenes.

First, attach the mouthpiece tubing to the end of the applicator after removing the plastic cap. Next, crush the breakable iodine-containing tube by squeezing the center section with your fingers and then open the hinged cap on the front of the applicator. Blow gently through the mouthpiece while holding your palm around the center section to warm and release the iodine vapors which are directed to the surface to be processed. After activation, the applicator can be sealed for reuse by closing the hinged lid on the front of the applicator.

***Sold only to law enforcement***

Pack of 6