IPTM Crime Scene Template

IPTM Crime Scene Template

  • $15.00

designed by R.W Rivers

Now you can cover the entire crime scene with an 8 inch plastic square!

This template enables the investigator or crime scene technician to draw an infinite array of structures and objects to scale using scaled cut-outs and straightedges. In addition, objects can be drawn in their proper location on a diagram by the convenient polar coordinate system (use of a distance and direction from a reference point).

With its assortment of objects commonly associated with a crime scene, the template is ideal for making a rough sketch at the scene. Later, you can use the template to render a highly accurate scale diagram. Non-scaled cut-outs are included for those items that would otherwise be too small to be recognized.

The template:

Is made of flexible, yet extremely durable blue plastic
Measures 8 inches by 8 inches
Fits into a pair of rings on any standard size 3-ring binder
Includes both U.S. and metric scales
Includes non-scaled cut-outs of the following:
Certain items of furniture
Bathroom fixtures
Blood spots
Human body - adult & child (front/rear and side views)
Arms and legs
Directional arrows
Includes an instruction card:
Explaining the scale (¼ inch = 1 foot)
Explaining the cut-out symbols
Illustrating the use of polar coordinates