MF 1000 Forensic, Blue, 470nm

SKU: FF-900-1012C
  • $1,399.99

Very powerful 470 nm (blue light) CREE LED alternate light source (ALS) for general crime scene search. Made of aircraft-grade aluminum, has a rechargeable lithium ion battery system and is accurate to plus or minus 3 nm. Used by forensic and CSI personnel in the lab and field to search for footwear (and other) impressions, trace evidence (hairs, fibers, etc.), gun shot residue (GSR) and blood spatter. Use with orange goggles (included). Light Emissions Power Consumption: 27 Watts 8° Focused Beam CRI: 80% Recommended Operational Distance: 20 ft (6 m) Features 9 CREE XR-E LEDs Wavelength: 470 nm (Blue) Tap Switch (rear of light) Shoulder Strap Modes 2 Modes: Mode 1: 33% Intensity Mode 2: 100% Intensity * Light turns Off between Modes Durability Fire Resistant Waterproof to 20 ft (6 m) Impact Resistant Physical Characteristics 3.8 lbs (1.7 kg) Size: Length: 11.1" (282 mm) Diameter (head): 3.9 " (99 mm) Diameter (handle): 1.9" (48 mm) 6061-T6 Aluminum Housing with TPR Bumpers; Polycarbonate Shield Blue Exterior Battery Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Rechargeable Battery System (included) Consists of Lithium Ion Rechargeable Batteries (12 RCR123), Battery Cap and A/C Adaptor Life*: Full Power: 45 to 60 minutes of continuous use (varies by mode) Lithium Ion Battery System takes 4 hours to be charged fully *Battery life will be dependent on the capacity of the charged battery. Comes in a hard case. Warranty 24 Months