On Scene Scent Collection Kit

On Scene Scent Collection Kit

SKU: SE-43
  • $24.99

The On-Scene Scent Collection Kit is the perfect odor-tech tool for Law Enforcement K9 teams responding to missing person cases. Each kit contains 3 scent pads for the deployment of multiple dogs at the scene or for storing evidence for later usage.

The On-Scene kit allows responders to collect up to 3 scent articles from the same source to be stored in the evidence-grade jar. These can be utilized by multiple scent discriminate K9 teams during a search or it gives the responder the opportunity to seal and store the scent evidence for later usage or forensic applications.

Each On-Scene Scent Collection Kit includes:

  • Specially-Treated Evidence-Grade Jar
  • (3) Sterile Gauze Pads
  • Scent Collection Detail Label
  • Non-Allergenic Gloves
  • Tamper Proof Tape