Safekeeper Drying Cabinet, 2.5 foot wide

SKU: FDC-003
  • $4,485.00

The Safekeeper Forensic Evidence Drying Cabinet is designed to protect personnel from the odors and particulates generated with the drying and decay of organic matter. Features include: no rust polypro single piece construction (no fiberglass liner which can crack and generate microbiological growth), metal door with tempered glass insert, key locked with tamper proof seals, low airflow alarm, high velocity/low noise brushless and sparkless centrifugal fan, electronic elapse run time counter to track evidence drying time and unit run time. Price includes all pre-filters, HEPA filters, carbon filters, heavy duty lockable wheels, removable shelving, and water package (spray hose, drain, auto-pump, plumbing). Additional filters can be purchased separately. Five foot wide cabinets have two doors. Duplex units have two separate drying compartments. Requires 110-120VAC 60HZ or 230VAC 50HZ. Easy installation with no additional costs. Two year manufacturer’s warranty for parts and labor. For information on customized units, please call.