Salicco Comparison Stand

  • $100.00

The Salicco Comparison Stand is an excellent economical solution to easing latent examiner fatigue, neck and back problems. Examiners have commented that use of the product actually makes the comparison process more pleasant because it is so adjustable to the individual user and easy to move around at their workstation. 

The unit can be quickly folded flat and set aside when not in use.  The Salicco Comparison Stand has an easily adjustable aluminum platform with a custom cut galvanized steel plate attached to the unit. 


Included with the stand:

  • 2 large tab magnets with easy lifting tabs to hold ink and latent print cards
  • 6 magnets 10mm x 2mm (for metal loupes)
  • 10 magnets 8mm x 1mm (for plastic loupes and acrylic magnifiers)
  • 1 tube of Superglue