Salicco Fingerprint Brush

  • $11.95

The Salicco Fingerprint Brush is a durable, handmade fiberglass brush with a very light touch for those fragile prints.

This brush is perfect for the spinning or twirling powder processing technique, and it is an excellent brush for the beginning powder processor. However, the experienced latent print processor will find this brush essential in their kit for smaller later print processing jobs, fragile prints, and overall cleanup on magnetic powder prints.

The brush has an overall length of 7”, and is stored in a plastic tube with rubber end caps.

The brush can be washed when contaminated with grease, oil, or any substance that renders the fibers not suitable for processing. Wash the fibers with a drop or two of Dawn dish soap in warm water, squeeze and let dry. Once dry, bend fibers over, strike back and forth on a desk or table edge, then spin or twirl.

For maximum efficiency, it is good to have more than one brush so when one has been washed and is drying, the other brush can be in service.

Available in a textured metal or Oak wood handle.