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New and Improved CyanoWand Kit! Sirchie has reengineered its CyanoWand cyanoacrylate fuming kit and replacement cartridges to make your life easier. The new torch and cartridges feature threaded male and female ends to offer a secure fit while fuming. The CYANOWAND™ is incredibly simple to use. Simply attach a cyanoacrylate cartridge, ignite and begin fuming. Hold the CYANOWAND™ several inches away from the suspect surface and sweep the wand back and forth. Latent prints develop as they’re fumed. The CYANOWAND™ also offers superb fuming capabilities when used with fuming chambers.

KIT: Includes all the necessary materials to process latent fingerprints with cyanoacrylate fuming. Instructions are also included. SCW100 includes: 1 - CW101 Cyanowand Heat Generator with Protective Head Cover; 1 - SCW103 Butane Fuel Can, 1.3 oz; 1 - SCW104 Cartridge Extraction Tool; 1 - CW200 Cyanowand Cartridges, 10; 1 - SCW105 Copolymer Carrying Case with Foam Insert.

Standard Cartridge: New CyanoWand Standard Cartridges are pre-loaded with cyanoacrylate. They emit a controlled cyanoacrylate vapor for approximately two minutes. Each cartridge is threaded to work with the new CW100 CyanoWand for a secure fit while fuming.  Set of 10

MEGA Cartridge: New CyanoWand MEGA-CARTRIDGES are extra-large, disposable, pre-loaded cyanoacrylate cartridges which emit vapor for approximately four minutes. Each cartridge features a threaded top that fits securely on the new CW100 CyanoWand.  Set of 10

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