SiteBloc Multi-Panel Unit

SiteBloc Multi-Panel Unit

SKU: SB1-36
  • $1,995.00

SiteBloc is a practical solution for incident containment that provides law enforcement and public agencies with the ability to protect investigation activities, field work locations, and other sensitive areas from curious onlookers.

Most privacy screens on the market are only about 3-4' high and don't always give the level of privacy desired when working a scene. SiteBloc is a free standing 6' high screen with three 12' panels which provides a 6' tall by 36'long incident containment barrier.

This easy to assemble, self contained unit can be set up in approximately 10 – 20 minutes by one person that has gained knowledge on its set up and take down. Made of the highest quality materials available, SiteBloc has corrosion resistant, powder-coated tripods, cross members, and angle braces, stainless steel hardware, and long lasting weather resistant panels.

The telescoping frame fully extends to create a 6' x 36' barrier but can also be adjusted for lower heights and shorter lengths. The tripods adjust to accommodate uneven terrain and each unit comes complete with six sandbags and a convenient carrying case with handles on each end and in the center. A complete unit weighs 75 pounds.

Solid panels are available in green, navy blue, black, gray, white, and red. Mesh panels are available in green and black.

Accessories include a wheeled trolley, sandbags, extension kit (one panel, one tripod, horizontal bar, sandbags), screen panels, and replacement parts.

SiteBloc panels can be set up to form a triangle, S-Shape, conventional booth, L-Shape, U-Shape, or fully extended to 36'.

Whether used for crime scenes, communication centers, hazmat changing areas, crowd containment, or media relations, SiteBloc is the epitome of incident site preservation tools for providing agencies and victims the privacy necessary at critical and sensitive times.