Spider Pro Memory Card Organizer

SKU: SH-951
  • $35.00

Keep your cards close: the new organizer for all the little things that matter! Holds 6 CF cards, 3 SD cards, your phone (feel it ring!), business cards, and more!

Meet your new assistant (with a much lower day rate)!

Features of the Spider Pro Memory Card Organizer include:

  • Secure, visible slots for 6 CF and 3 SD memory cards.
  • Space for your business cards.
  • A secure rear pocket for your phone, close to your body so you can feel it ring.
  • Made to fit your belt, or ours.
  • Elastic bands that hold the unzipped pouch perpendicular to your body like a shelf, allowing for one-handed operation.
  • An extra front pocket accessible without opening the case, for quick storage and access to your gear.
  • Slim design for optimum mobility.

Keep your camera close, and your cards closer

Our Memory Card Organizer features smart design, by photographers and for photographers. We know your cards are your most valuable asset and one shoot could mean well more than one card (especially if you’re shooting with two cameras!) The Memory Card Organizer securely attaches to any belt, ensuring that  your cards and phone are close to your body and aren’t going anywhere. Slide the organizer on to your belt (or ours), and it’s smooth sailing from there.

Clear memory card slots and a unique folding CF card panel keep your cards safe and clean while visible.

Pro tip: Store them label-up for easy identification, then flip them label-down after a card swap when they’re full and waiting to be downloaded.