Stringer Rule - Metric

Stringer Rule - Metric

SKU: ORC-9402-2.5
  • $25.00

The Stringer Rule is made of a tough, stretch-resistant, vinyl fiber that allows the unit to keep its form and provide accurate measurements no matter how much it is used. These materials also allow the unit to be waterproof and easily cleaned. Grips on each end are made of an impact-resistant plastic with stainless steel screws and have a hole for securing the rule to fixed objects.

Stringer Rules are 3 1/4" wide and have graphics which allow measurements to be easily read from up to 40 feet away. The black printing on a yellow background provides the optimum contrast for any photo. The Stinger Rule comes in a convenient zip-lock bag for storing

Length: 2.5 Meters

Width: 3.25"