Superficial Trauma Discoloration Cards

  • $8.00

Superficial Trauma Discoloration Cards provide a frame of reference for identification of specific colors present from bruises on human skin.

The STD Cards are designed to provide a repeatable and accurate Standard Color Matched Selection of colors to visually compare and record what is observed. This is accomplished, not by trying to guess what color to call it, but by the number representing the color.

Pick the color number closest to the bruise present. More than one color might be present from the center of the bruise to the outside perimeter. Record colors and locations accordingly.

Holding a STD Card next to the bruise while photographing provides conclusive evidence.

Available now in two sizes. The smaller cards have numbers 1 – 24 on one side, numbers 25 – 48 on the reverse side. The larger cards have numbers 1 – 48 on one side and have a matte finish. Set of Light/Dark Skin Tones.