ZAR-PRO Activator Solution

  • $12.34

For Use with ZAR-PRO Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips

Lifts made with ZAR-PRO™ technology are permanent and cannot be smeared or smudged. ZAR-PRO™ Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips allow the user to clearly and effectively examine impressions that otherwise would be unidentifiable due to background patterns or colors. In addition, ZAR-PRO™ lifting strips provide great contrast when enhanced with an ALS or forensic laser.

ZAR-PRO™ Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips have been featured in the IAI Journal of Forensic Identification.

Bloody impressions are frequently found at the scene of violent crimes. These impressions provide valuable evidence and often help crime scene investigators identify suspects. Many items at a crime scene are fixed or too large to be brought back to the crime lab for analysis. This creates limitations on many departments and means numerous impressions are simply photographed with inadequate clarity and not fully analyzed in the laboratory. ZAR-PRO™ Fluorescent Blood Lifting Strips provide investigators with a safe, non-toxic fluorogenic method for lifting bloody impression evidence and can be standardized for use with substrates of all porosities, regardless of background pattern or color.